The Science of Sound Healing – One Day Intensive Workshop

Event Date:

July 12, 2020

Event Time:

11:00 am

Event Location:

La Vista Block 1 GF Flat A

I am thrilled to announce my last Science of Sound Healing training in Hong Kong until 2021

Join me for 5 hour intensive training and workshop that dives deep into the modes and methods behind sound healing, sound therapy, and the nature of sound itself and how to utilize sound within your wellbeing practice or career.
​This training is a mixture of the science behind sound (I have a degree in Astronomy and have studied Physics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy since 1998) and my experience as a sound healing practitioner (I’ve been working with sound therapy for the past 5 years)

​Within this training you will gain a deep understanding of:
​-The chakras and meridians and how they transmit energy
-Sound and Energy
-How energy heals
-Sound and states of being
-Sound signature of illness and health
​-The universal frequencies and their meanings
​-The connection between sound and yoga, meditation, energy healing, and mindfulness
-Visualization of sound…how to see it clearly (both live and in meditation)
-States of energy and how this relates to wellbeing and health
-The science of sound and how to use this to heal
-Discussion on types of bowls and how to play each
​-Orientation on 9 Crystal Singing Bowls and 8 Hand Sourced Tibetan Bowls
-How to buy the bowls and where to buy them without getting ripped off
​(which will easily pay for your course if you are looking for bowls to buy!).

​-30 Page Course Manual and unlimited post training support included!

This is not just a basic overview of sound healing and how to play singing bowls…this course takes you deep into the very nature of energy as it is expressed via sound, and how that energy heals.  This is an ideal course for anyone interested in incorporating sound into their wellness programme, if you are interested in opening up your own yoga/meditation practice, or if you are just keen to know more about the nature of energy itself.

I look forward to welcoming you on the 12th of July here in Discovery Bay and diving deep into sound therapy together!

Space is VERY limited and almost sold out!

Sorry, Event Expired

Event Location:

Total Seat: 5
  • La Vista Block 1 GF Flat A
  • Vista Avenue
  • Discovery Bay
  • Hong Kong

Event Schedule Details

  • July 12, 2020 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
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